Project Lifesaver





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Project Lifesaver is a program to electronically locate those who wander.


The primary mission of Project Lifesaver is to provide a timely response to save lives and reduce potential injury for adults and children suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, dementia or other cognitive or intellectual impairments which place them at risk. Upon request, these individuals will be enrolled  in the program, to facilitate their safe return to those caretakers who are responsible for them.
This program will run alongside the Silver Alert Program introduced by the Legislature in 2010.

Criteria for Enrollment in Project Lifesaver

Must be at risk individuals with a diagnosed condition of Alzheimer’s or dementia or other cognitive or intellectual impairment.


Transmitters will be placed with clients only at the request of a legally responsible party, such as:


Son or daughter in the absence of a spouse

Family member having legally primary caregiver responsibility 

Assisted living or nursing home administrator requiring the transmitter for client to reside at the facility

Father or mother if the client is a minor.

Maintenance of these transmitters will be the responsibility of the caregivers.

Residents who are seeking to be enrolled/registered in the program are to fill out a registry form (see attached) and deliver the form to the Sheriff’s Community Relations Office, along with a recent Photo.

If this agency is notified that an individual enrolled in the Project Lifesaver program has wandered, the on duty supervisor should be notified and all available resources should be deployed to the persons last known location. The supervisor/OIC will have a standard missing person alarm issued by Rockland County Sheriff’s Communication HQ containing all pertinent information (inclusive of the subject’s mental status). In addition to the standard alarm issued by Rockland County Sheriff’s Communication HQ the information will also be broadcast as a Project Lifesaver Alert on the system used by CARE to issue missing children alerts.

Participating Agencies

The Clarkstown Police, Orangetown Police and the Stony Point Police are participating in the program and all of the receivers are interchangeable and can be used to assist each other


Upon safe return or location of the missing individual, necessary notification cancelling the missing person alarm and the Project Lifesaver Alert will be issued by the Sheriff’s Police Division for publication, to all agencies notified.